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Continuous Sterilization Systems

Sterilization: Is a treatment that takes more time (around 1min), at a higher temperature. TPC will be reduced below a certain target according to customer or regulation policy.

The sterilization mode can kill all pathogen bacteria but also all forms of aerobic bacteria. In certain case sporulated form of bacteria need to be reduced. However, because the spores are usually very heat resistant, sterilization mode may need more drastic conditions (temperature and time), which may affect visual or organoleptic properties of the product.
Continuous sterilizer can guarantee a significant reduction of TPC (except spore/heat resistant germ content). A 5-log reduction on pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella) is assured, even with a moderate temperature treatment.
Continuous cycle Steam Sterilizer unit for the sterilization treatment of chilli and other spices, powdered or whole up to 10 mm , without affecting the organoleptic properties and appearance (smell, taste).
After this, the product is immediately subjected to a flow of dry and cool filtered air that allows the product to stabilize.
The final moisture content of the product leaving the fluid bed is mainly a factor resulting from the chosen program.

General process description: The treatment consists in subjecting the product for a short time at a high temperature and pressure steam, so that the product does not reach high temperatures.


a) Sterilizing agent: Steam.
b) Type: continuous cycle.
c) Nominal Production: 1000 kg/hour chilli, in continuous cycle.
d) Steam consumption at 8 kg/cm2 : 400 kg/hour approximately.

Various Indian Spices

Continuous Sterilization process relies on:

1) Steam sterilization, controlling time and temperature due to a first in, first out conveying system.
2) Homogeneous and gentle mixing of the product to get the most efficient treatment.
3) No condensation flash cooling system provides a thermal shock to the microbes, a good stabilization of the product, and a safe packaging operation.


List of equipment for continuous steam sterilization:

Can facilitate to make continuous steam sterilizer indigenously with automation having the following equipment:

1) Hoist
2) Feed bin
3) Vibratory bin
4) Control feeder
5) Pneumatic conveying system including blower, bag filter, cyclone and rotary valve
6) Preheater

7) Feed rotary valve- steam

8) Sterilizer

9) Discharge rotary valve- steam

10) Delumper

11) Fluidized bed dryer

12) Rotary valve

13) Pneumatic conveying system including blower, bag filter, cyclone and rotary valve

14) Delumper

15) Safety Screen Vibrosifter

16) Magnet

17) On line metal detector

18) Bagging system

19) Steam header and steam lines

20) Chiller and lines

21) Heat exchangers for hot and cold


Support for making clean room according to the client's requirement 

Technical solutions

For new projects:

1) Plant design including electrification

2) Selection of equipment

3) Estimation and costing - budgetary

4) Collecting quotations from vendors

5) Finalizing the vendors along with the client coordinator 

6) Releasing of PO to vendors

7) Receiving the equipment on time

8) Erection and commissioning

For existing factories:

1) Process improvements by studying the present condition, problems and give suggestions for improvement. If approved, ready to execute the modification

2) Replacement of equipment with new one with performance guarantee

3) Facilitating to find out suitable equipment

4) Support to build up indigenous spare components

Technical Consultancy

Can support to make or buy the following equipment:

1) Elevators

2) Screw/ flat - conveyors

3) Pneumatic conveying system

4) Bag filters - conventional / pleated

5) Rotary valves

6) Grinding equipment like Hammer mill, Pulverizer, Universal mill, Pin mill, Roller mill, etc.

7) Graders, Bin vibrators, electrostatic rollers

8) Vibrosifters, Blenders, roasters


10) Magnetic separators, magnets

11) On line metal detectors

12) Off line metal detectors

13) Batch steam sterilization

14) Continuous steam sterilization

15) All equipment related to spice factories

16) Can support existing steam sterilization units for its performance and troubleshooting




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